Tools support decisions, they don’t make them.

There is art in media as well as science. Imagination as well as information. Fact is, agencies have pretty much the same tools. They may brand them differently, but under the hood, it’s not that much different. If your agency is tool driven instead of thought driven, their media plan would likely resemble the media plan at another similar agency. Just put the assumptions into the big tool funnel, and out pops the execution, fully rationalized.

We think the human brain should examine tool output critically. Be guided by it but not dominated by it. And you’d want an experienced brain to do this vital work. We promise our staff will ask questions of the data, and of their own assumptions, during the planning process. Do the tools illuminate the best way to surround the prospect? Does the creative provide a path to intercept the consumer in a context competitors have not thought to use?

We start with tools and analysis but end with a plan also driven by creative opportunity.
Is your media agency ROI driven or just media focused?

Our direct response heritage guarantees that we are P&L literate. We will tune the media to produce the target ROI, not just do cool media that gets you optics instead of customers. Optics are great if they raise your market share or your share price, but not if the only outcome is giving your agency bragging rights.